Sealing systems at the service of industry

Leaders in the manufacture and distribution of hydraulic seals
for sealing, sealing and guiding

We are leaders in the manufacture and distribution of hydraulic seals for sealing and guiding.

Piston seals, stem seals, rotary joints, static joints, O-rings, quad-ring seals, oil seals, metal gaskets, angle joints, gaskets for angular joints, guides, bellowsauto and pre-lubricated bushings, spherical plain bearings and rod ends, plugs, chemical engine additives, technical adhesives, pneumatic elements, hydraulic cylinder components.


SEAUTO is much more than just sealing

We have gained recognition in the sealing industry, but its automotive division also has a special relevance. Beyond gaskets, seals and sealing rings, SEAUTO has a wide range of automotive spare parts and components.


A complete range of sealing and guiding gaskets is available to meet the needs of each industry and a technical department is available to answer your specific questions.


Distribution of spare parts and specific components for the automotive world. Steering systems, braking systems, bearings, electronics, lubricants, etc...


New line of products for universal antibacterial protection and disinfection. With applications for all types of surfaces.

Custom Fabrication

An in-house manufacturing program completes the service of the entire range. Our Seal Maker manufacturing facility allows us to supply seals up to 520mm.

Large stocks and
Global supply

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Commitment to quality

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Authorized distributor of the best brands

We are distributors and authorized agents of the main brands of sealing, hydraulics, spare parts and components for many industries, such as: Trelleborg SS,  Corteco, Gapi, Pavarini, Technymon, Gomet, Emmetec, Ceroil, Loxeal, Camozzi, Rolf, Artic Seals, Eurotec, Aston Seals, Seal-maker, Naldoni & Biondi, Orpav, F.P. Paris, Forsheda, Stefa, PolyPac, Fluoril, Passfour Bearings, MFN Seals, Fitseal, Pöppelmann


do you need custom flat gaskets?

With our new laser gasket cutting machinery we manufacture gaskets precisely and in different materials.

Fabricacion juntas planas

News and updates


First Seauto convention

As part of Seauto's 25th anniversary celebration, we held a meeting with customers, collaborators and suppliers.

Today is our 25th anniversary!

Today, April 19, is the 25th anniversary of the beginning of this adventure.

Training for our team on RKB bearings and their applications

Training is essential in our industry. RKB has provided us with training to learn about its bearings and their applications.

Self-centering parallel collets CGPL SERIES

CGPL SERIES, the ideal solution for assembling components of various sizes with precision and speed.

We provide raw material for the manufacture of sealing gaskets.

A fundamental aspect of gasket design is the selection of the raw material.
Industrial Sealing and Components

Turcon® Roto L

Industrial seals and sealing rings are often used interchangeably, as they perform similar functions in preventing leakage in applications. However, there are some key differences ...
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