CAMOZZI pneumatic components

Founded in 1964, Camozzi Automation embarked on a continuously evolving journey that, in just a few years, saw the company become a leading provider of industrial solutions in automation. Continued investment has enabled the company to establish and consolidate its international presence and expand its product offering. Today, this includes solutions for industrial automation, components and systems for the control of liquid and gaseous fluids, and specific applications for the transportation industry.

The Camozzi Automation division offers a range of products that includes components, systems and technologies for industrial automation, fluid control – liquids and gases – and applications dedicated to the transportation and life sciences industries, with a particular focus on the digitization of production processes and IIoT solutions.



Some of Camozzi's automation solutions

D Series - VA and VB versions | Valves and solenoid valves

PME Series | Proportional Pressure Regulator

Stainless steel fittings and accessories

Series 63 | Cylinder with end-of-stroke locking device

CX4 Series - Multi Serial Module

KL-KLE Series : Direct operated solenoid valves

ASX Series | Angle Seat Valves

CGSY Series : Radial grippers with 180° opening angle

CGAN Series : Angle grippers with 30° opening angle

QR Series | Rack and Pinion Rotary Actuator

PRE Series | Proportional pressure regulator with CoilVision technology

D Series | Valve island with CoilVision technology

Series 23 | ISO 6432 cylinder with self-cushioning

DB Series | Multichannel Fluid Manifold and Multichannel Dental Manifold

Open Frame Controller | Modular Proportional Regulator

QL Series : Short-stroke cylinders

CGSP Series : Compact self-centering parallel collets

Series 29 | Mini ball valves for pneumatics and industrial fluids

Series 7000 Fluidics | Technopolymer fittings for water-cooled applications

Safemax MX Series : 3/2-way quick exhaust safety relief valves

ASX Series and ASP Series | Tilting Seat Valves

CAMOZZI Air treatment catalog

CAMOZZI Air treatment catalog

CAMOZZI Pneumatic connections catalog

CAMOZZI Pneumatic Actuation Catalog

CAMOZZI - Pipe Selection

CAMOZZI Electrical performance

CAMOZZI Fieldbus and multipole systems

CAMOZZI Proportional technology

CAMOZZI Valves and solenoid valves

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