We provide raw material for the manufacture of sealing gaskets.

A fundamental aspect of gasket design is the selection of the raw material.

We are pleased to announce that Seauto now offers the ALPANA series of materials, an innovative solution in the field of sealing gaskets, vital in fluid processing and handling equipment.

Seals serve an essential function: they prevent fluid leakage and block the entry of contaminants into critical areas. The proper choice of a seal is crucial to the performance of the hydraulic and pneumatic system. A fundamental aspect in its design and selection is the material of construction chosen, as it determines its effectiveness in the specific application. Faced with the diversity of available materials, which often complicates the choice, Seauto is a key ally, offering a wide range of high quality materials for sealing gaskets, making it easier for each customer to find the most suitable option for their specific needs.

Seauto now exclusively distributes Alpana materials worldwide, as well as the turquoise color MAX H PUR exclusively.


Training for our team on RKB bearings and their applications

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