Solutions for different industrial markets

Discover the variety of our products, services and applications. Industrial solutions and opportunities through the use of a wide range of modern sealing technology products among others.


Hydraulic systems are found in almost all areas of machine and vehicle construction. We supply a wide variety of seals, wipers and guide elements for virtually all fluid technology applications.


Mega-fast controls and sensitive actuators: pneumatic systems require minimal friction and high efficiency. Our sealing systems are found in almost all applications of this technology.


Detectability, FDA, CIP/SIP: just a small selection of the many different requirements of the food industry. Our broad portfolio of materials and products offers a solution for all these requirements.


Renewable energies are vital to our future. To meet the world's growing demand for energy, we need forward-looking technologies that focus on efficiency, environmental compatibility and components with long lifetimes.


The pharmaceutical industry sets the highest standards of hygiene, compliance and purity. We supply sealing systems and molded parts with all the approvals for this demanding sector.


One of the most diverse sectors of the industry, mostly characterized by extreme operating conditions. We supply a wide range of dynamic and static seals manufactured from high purity materials and specialized compounds.

Mobile hydraulics

Fluid technology in mobile applications performs heavy-duty work under extremely difficult conditions. We supply specially designed sealing systems and guide elements manufactured from the most robust materials and composites available.


Careful handling of the product and the environment is the top priority in modern agricultural technology. We supply static and dynamic seals made of special materials with all the necessary authorizations and approvals.

Oil and gas

To meet increasing environmental requirements and extreme conditions throughout the process chain, we supply specific sealing solutions made from a wide range of materials.

Mines and tunnels

Many machines and systems perform hard work underground. Our rugged and robust sealing systems are found in almost all applications: from concrete pumps to tunneling machines.


Modern mechanical engineering is one of the most diverse engineering sciences and branches of production. Our seals and wipers, guide elements and molded parts can be found in a wide variety of applications and fields.


Without steel and rolling mills, our modern life, architecture and vehicle construction would be unimaginable. We supply robust, friction-optimized products with a long service life for the extreme conditions of heavy industry.


To convert liquid pulp into a solid product with precisely defined properties, solutions are needed for the entire process chain. We supply a wide range of components, from the pump to the calender seals.

Nautical and naval

Ships transport people and goods around the world and serve as floating factories. Here we supply sealing and guiding elements for all applications. For example, for pumps, stopcocks, valves, ship propulsion systems and loading and unloading systems.


Reducing production costs is the goal of modern automation technology. We supply sealing systems and molded parts optimized for sliding, as well as compression and lifting cylinders in a variety of shapes for drives and actuators.


Intelligently controlled machines and systems and modern information technology would be inconceivable without semiconductors and other components. Our products can be found in all areas of manufacturing, right up to their use in plasma etching processes.

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