PAVARINI spherical plain bearings and rod ends

PAVARINI is today considered to be one of the top quality companies in the field of hydraulic components. It has a wide range (about 12,000 items) of Spherical Plain Bearings, Rod Ends, Rod Ends and Supports manufactured according to the highest standards and using the best technology that guarantees a durable and specialized product.

Rod ends

  • Maintained rod ends
  • Maintained rod ends
  • Pins for brackets, fixing plates, rings
  • Articulated heads
  • Female welding head

Support for hydraulic cylinders

  • Holder for hydraulic cylinders according to ISO 8132-8133 and DIN 24556
  • Bolts for brackets, fixing plates and rings
  • Forks and bolts

Ball joints

  • Maintenance free and maintenance free, radial and axial

Other components

  • Upper arm, Third point with and without chain
  • Hooks
  • Ball joint terminal
  • Hinged yoke for the third attachment point
  • Rigid stabilizers
  • Adjustable leveling arm
  • Drawbars
  • Chains, adjusters for stabilizers, shackle with pin, eyebolt, eyebolt
  • Pins
  • Pins and clips

Pavarini General Catalog

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