LOXEAL Industrial Adhesives

Loxeal is an Italian company that has been offering high quality adhesives and industrial solutions locally and globally since the early 1980s.

It offers a wide range of products designed for various applications in different sectors, from automotive and electronics to construction and manufacturing. These are some of Loxeal’s featured products:

Structural Adhesives: Loxeal manufactures a variety of high-strength structural adhesives that are used in applications requiring permanent and durable bonding. These adhesives are ideal for metals, plastics, rubber and other materials.

Thread sealants: Loxeal thread sealants are well known in the industry. These products are used to prevent loosening of threads and avoid leakage in mechanical assemblies. They provide a secure, vibration-resistant bond.

Anaerobic sealants: Loxeal offers a wide range of anaerobic sealants used for sealing and bonding metal components. These sealants cure in the absence of air and are commonly used in fastening and sealing applications for threads, bearings and gaskets.

Instant adhesives: Loxeal’s instant adhesives are ideal for fast and strong bonds. These adhesives are used on a wide variety of materials, including plastics, rubber, metal and ceramics. They provide a fast and durable bond.

Joint sealants: Loxeal also offers a line of joint sealants for different applications. These products are used to seal and prevent leaks in flange joints, pipe joints, sealing connections and other assemblies.

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