EMMETEC spare parts for shock absorbers

has been a leader for 70 years in the field of shock absorber replacement. In its technical catalog are included both the standard products and those intended for competition, with the intention of proposing in a single one all the practical solutions for the overhaul of any model of shock absorber.

In addition to this, the already wide range of complete kits for modification and processing, both internally, through the intervention of the traction and compression characteristics, and externally with variable modification, has been extended again.

A large part of the catalog is dedicated to the Mcpherson type hydraulic shock absorber, consisting of an internal cylinder and an external reservoir, using the Emmetec PR 93-100® gas pressurization case,

A particular attention is dedicated to other monotube shock absorbers (traditionally called “gas”) consisting of a single cylinder that replaces the internal cylinder and the reservoir, however it can be checked and modified, using the tooling created by our company, which allows the opening and closing with a quick, simple and above all safe procedure.

And to complete its offer, it could not miss the tool that is indispensable today to diagnose the shock absorber test, once modified by the technician.

It is an electronic test bench, distributed for more than 35 years in all countries of the world. You can test any type of shock absorber, whether manufactured for cars, trucks, motorcycles and designed for particular applications.

In addition to this, Emmetec produces and distributes all the tools and technical equipment necessary to carry out repairs at the highest professional level, including, among others, tools for the assembly of gas seals, gas pressurization, assembly wrenches, digital diagnosis, in addition to the machines Precisa y Mangustafor the manufacture, repair and maintenance of shock absorbers.


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