First Seauto convention

As part of Seauto's 25th anniversary celebration, we held a meeting with customers, collaborators and suppliers.

A showcase of innovation:

The recent event organized by Seauto went beyond the concept of a simple business meeting. It was a dynamic event that brought together customers, suppliers and key industry professionals in an environment that fostered both knowledge sharing and networking.

The convention served as a platform to present Seauto’s latest products and services. Attendees had the opportunity to explore first-hand the latest solutions designed to optimize processes and improve efficiency in the industrial sector. Hands-on demonstrations, detailed presentations and interactive sessions allowed participants to understand the added value that Seauto brings to the industry.

Networking and collaboration opportunities:

In addition to the presentation of products, the event became a space for networking and the generation of new business opportunities. Customers and suppliers had the opportunity to interact in a relaxed atmosphere, exchange ideas and establish valuable contacts. An open dialogue on current industry challenges and trends was fostered, laying the groundwork for future strategic collaborations.

Moments of leisure and fellowship:

Aware of the importance of creating a pleasant environment conducive to interaction, Seauto incorporated carefully selected leisure activities. Activities such as wine pairing in one of the best Cavas, allowed attendees to relax, enjoy the company of other professionals and strengthen personal ties. 

A success in terms of participation:

The day at Seauto stood out for its comprehensive approach, perfectly combining the presentation of innovative solutions with networking opportunities and memorable leisure moments. The event not only strengthened Seauto’s relationship with its customers and suppliers, but also generated a positive impact on the industrial sector by fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing.


Today is our 25th anniversary!

Today, April 19, is the 25th anniversary of the beginning of this adventure.

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