Self-centering parallel collets CGPL SERIES

CGPL SERIES, the ideal solution for assembling components of various sizes with precision and speed.
Exceptional performance, adaptability and compactness for efficient and accurate assembly Camozzi Automation presents the latest addition to its Handling range:the CGPL SERIES self-centering parallel grippers, the ideal solution for assembling components of various sizes accurately and quickly.    

What distinguishes the CGPL Series?

High-speed, high-precision assembly is a growing need for modern processes, which require state-of-the-art technological solutions. CGPL series grippers respond perfectly to this need, making them ideal for applications such as pick & place, insertion and transfer, thanks to their exceptional opening and closing speed and the unwavering repeatability of jaw positioning.  

Technical characteristics:

Our CGPL series grippers are high-performance robotic grippers capable of ensuring precision and robustness even when subjected to high accelerations. They are characterized by:
  • Compact design and dimensions: even more reduced height, with a flat construction capable of
  • Flexibility: Wide range of strokes, allowing to manage components of varying sizes with maximum precision.
  • Ball bearing guides: guarantee greater efficiency in terms of force, even in confined spaces, and promote very high opening and closing speeds, helping to reduce cycle times.
Seauto has a wide range of automation systems for industry.

First Seauto convention

As part of Seauto's 25th anniversary celebration, we held a meeting with customers, collaborators and suppliers.

Today is our 25th anniversary!

Today, April 19, is the 25th anniversary of the beginning of this adventure.

Training for our team on RKB bearings and their applications

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We provide raw material for the manufacture of sealing gaskets.

A fundamental aspect of gasket design is the selection of the raw material.
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