Static seals

In a static sealing application, there is no movement between the sealing surfaces or between the sealing surface and its contact surface.

The most commonly used seal in static sealing situations is the O-Ring, but Seauto also offers a range of specific products for static seals. This range includes our Wills Rings® metal O-rings, ideal for use in extreme temperatures and pressures.

In addition, there are inflatable seals (Airseal), metal-to-metal seals, valve seals, quad-rings, square rings, vulcanized rubber-to-metal seals, polyurethane seals and spring-loaded PTFE seals.

Resistant to virtually all media, static seals in our PTFE-based Turcon® material are offered for contact with aggressive chemical media. In addition, there are Airseal inflatable gaskets suitable for sealing doors and windows, especially in chemical applications.


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