Piston seals

Piston seals are used in hydraulic cylinders for fluid sealing. They are housed inside the cylinder head and achieve sealing against the cylinder rod, preventing fluid from flowing through the cylinder head. This allows pressure to be generated on one side of the piston, causing the cylinder to extend or retract.

Trelleborg offers a wide range of piston seals that provide good leakage control. Our patented designs meet user requirements for low friction, compact form and simple installation.

A piston seal is mainly made of our PTFE-based Turcon® material or Zurcon® polyurethane. Manufactured specifically for hydraulic applications, these compounds provide exceptional wear resistance and outstanding extrusion properties. Compatible with virtually all media, they offer unmatched performance at extreme temperatures.

We put at your disposal the various catalogs of piston seals and symmetrical rod or piston seals.

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