Hydraulic packings

Packings are a hydraulic seal manufactured with polymers of high resistance to contact with the hydraulic fluid and friction, such as PTFE, polyurethane or synthetic rubbers with canvas. Their shape is generally V-shaped, and they are formed by rings, a lower and an upper one, which function as a seal to contain the inner rings that fit together to support the pressure exerted by the piston. They are ideal as sealing elements for hydraulic cylinder rods and pistons for slow speeds and high pressures.


Polypac Veepac Trelleborg

Veepac of Trelleborg

Veepac packings are a set of chevron rings consisting of a support ring, several “V” shaped sealing rings and a pressure activating ring.

The support ring or base guide ring supports the other V-rings for better performance. Special versions provide built-in anti-extrusion rings, either on the inner or outer side, for piston or rod applications. In the standard version, the support ring is made of rubber reinforced with cotton fabric for good anti-extrusion resistance.

The intermediate “V” rings (v-rings) are the real sealing elements of Veepac gaskets. Its particular shape gives it the ability to increase sealing efficiency at high pressure.

The standard version is made of NBR and pure NBR reinforced with cotton fabric.

The activator ring ensures an even distribution of pressure on the other rings. This element is made of acetal resin, or nitrile reinforced with cotton fabric for diameters over 300 mm (standard material).




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