Components for shock absorbers

The shock absorber is a device that absorbs shocks and impacts from the wheels, suspension and body of the vehicle by converting mechanical energy into heat energy. The element provides not only comfort but also traffic safety.

Types and structure of shock absorber

For its filling:

  • Hydraulic. The substance used as the operating fluid is oil.
  • Gas. Nitrogen is pumped into the system at high pressure, which prevents foaming of the oil.

By design:

  • Two-pipe. The advantage is the simplicity of the shock absorber design. The disadvantages are rapid heating and foaming of the oil, which worsens the performance quality. The shock absorbers have an operating cylinder located in the housing of the part, in the reservoir. At the moment of compression the piston, connected to the rod, moves downward, displacing the oil from the operating cylinder into the housing. After finishing its work, the movement is done in the opposite order.

Single tube. The disadvantages mentioned above are not found in this type of shock absorber, but damage to the casing leads to malfunction of the shock absorber. The role of the operating cylinder is played by the housing. The piston-float divides the shock absorber into 2 chambers: in one is the nitrogen and in the other, the oil. Damping takes place due to gas compression.


Shock absorbers

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