Spare parts for brake servo

The brake servo is a pneumatic system that operates using the vacuum generated in the intake manifold of the car’s engine. To achieve this it has a piston located behind the brake pedal, two chambers, a valve and a plunger, all covered by a casing and in which there are also a series of springs that allow the pedal to move.
Inside the brake servo there are two chambers, one of variable pressure at the beginning of the valve and the other of constant pressure, both are separated by a diaphragm that plugs the duct that joins them.

The first chamber is at atmospheric pressure and the second, constant pressure chamber is always generating vacuum. When the brake pedal is actuated, the springs cause a plunger to press the membrane that separates them and the vacuum begins to circulate through the variable pressure chamber, thus causing the atmospheric pressure in the chamber to decrease.
This will be sent through a rod placed on the piston, directly to the brake or drum discs of our vehicle to slow down or stop the vehicle. The force exerted on the brakes will increase the greater the communication between the two chambers.

At this point, the non-return valve comes into play. As this process takes place, the connection between the variable pressure chamber and the outside closes, thus achieving the appropriate force.

The non-return valve must always be placed in front of the brake servo to ensure that the vacuum created by braking does not disappear completely. The brake servo, therefore, is a braking assistant that allows you to increase the force exerted on the pedal to stop any vehicle.

SEAUTO supplies the full range of Emetec brake servo spare parts.


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