Trelleborg’s new D-seal, an improvement for road transport

The new design of these seals provides vibration damping in engines and transmissions to prevent damage

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions launches its enhanced double D-seal, a robust, dual-function sealing and cushioning solution developed specifically to meet the needs of the automotive, truck and transportation industries.

These seals can extend engine maintenance intervals, helping to reduce emissions through increased efficiency.

The D-Seal dampens vibrations in engines and transmissions to prevent damage, making it more effective than traditional designs, optimizing powertrain efficiency and helping to reduce CO2 emissions.

D-seals do not twist in the groove during installation and have no mold or parting line on the sealing surface, eliminating the risk of joint failure or a potential leak path.


More sustainable caps

Pöppelmann KAPSTO: the specialist for plastic protection solutions also offers many of its standard series made from post-consumer recycled (PCR) material.


We attended the Expoalimenta trade fair in Porto de

Seauto has been able to present first-hand its solutions in the world of food at the Oporto fair.


New Loxeal Metalox, for repairing metal surfaces

The fast curing of the new Loxeal EB3703/METALOX allows machining or sanding of the bonded/repaired components within a few hours after application.

Industrial Sealing and Components

New line of flat gaskets from Trelleborg

Trelleborg launches HMF FlatSeal™, a new range of flat gasket materials for effective static sealing in low and high temperature applications.

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