The regulating filter with lubricator is an equipment that we usually commercialize, recommended for all types of industrial pneumatic installations. Currently all pneumatic components are supplied with grease for life, so under no circumstances is the use of lubricants on these components advisable, as it removes the grease and forces continuous lubrication.

The air treatment units, commonly called FRL, F filter – R regulator – L lubricator – FR regulator filter, are the necessary element in any pneumatic application to be able to condition the compressed air, which is the main energy on which the automation is based. The FRL units, made of technopolymer and with metallic finishes, are available in two series, the MINI series and the STANDARD series, and comprehensively cover all applications, even the most demanding ones. Available from 1/8″ to 1″ with very high flow rates, they are highly reliable and complete with the full range of necessary accessories.

It consists of three elements:

  • A line filter that removes dust particles in the compressed air and at the same time is usually coalescing to condense water in the liquid phase. They are not usually high efficiency filters, so it is recommended to treat the air coming from the compressors beforehand.
  • A pressure regulator that allows the air inlet pressure to be reduced to the values required by the equipment using it.
  • A lubricator, an essential element if the equipment using compressed air needs to be lubricated. Attention to this point, because if the air comes from a lubricated compressor, it can carry a quantity of oil in suspension. This oil should not be used to lubricate equipment that uses compressed air; each piece of equipment has its own oil specification.

This type of equipment should be mounted at the inlet of the machinery that uses compressed air. It is important to consider that not all machines need lubrication, so in some cases it would be sufficient to install a FR (Filter and Regulator) or even just the Regulator, if the air in the line is well treated.


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