Valves and solenoid valves

In pneumatics, the valve is the device that intercepts and distributes the compressed air or regulates its flow.
They can be grouped into three families: – interception valves: they block or change the direction of compressed air as required (e.g. see OR or AND logic elements). – regulating valves: they vary the compressed air flow according to the needs by regulating pressure and/or flow rate. (e.g. see flow regulators). – distribution valves: divert the flow of compressed air without varying the pressure or flow rate. Distribution valves are composed of two parts: the air distribution part (the valve body), and the control part (the operator) which actuates the first part and acts as a transmission between the user and the controlled pneumatic device (e.g. a cylinder).

It is the operating part of the valve and includes the connections, the fixing holes and the moving parts for air distribution.

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