Suitable for use in industries and for applications where it is essential to lock the cylinder position, both to prevent slippage during prolonged stops and in airless situations, e.g. in the transport, printing and paper and woodworking industries.

In addition, its ability to withstand external forces, far greater than the force exerted by the piston, makes it the ideal solution for applications such as elevators, positioners and presses where a higher degree of safety is required compared to more traditional rod locks combined with block valves.

Seauto distributes the full range of Camozzi pneumatic cylinders.


The cylinders are mainly used in applications requiring robustness and reliability, such as the transport sector, especially when trucks or special vehicles are characterized by strong vibrations, frequent temperature changes or humid and dusty working environments.

Its automatic mechanical locking makes the END LOCK cylinder very suitable for industrial sectors such as printing and paper or woodworking, where maximum safety is required due to the movement of material by lifting, stopping or pushing processes. The integrated lock allows the cylinder to be used even in dusty working environments or in confined spaces.


Robust, safe and efficient
Reliable and safe even in harsh environments: robust design for high reliability
Increased machine performance: Locking force higher than cylinder thrust force (6bar)
Reduced maintenance and set-up times: reliable automatic locking and unlocking functions
Reduced installation times: Easy to install and use locking/unlocking system
Functional improvement of the machine: Conformity to ISO 15552. Standard cylinders can be replaced by END LOCK cylinders


Transportation | Mobile automation: Gate systems, trailer hatches, powered aerodynamic flaps, passenger ramps, retractable handrail systems
Industrial automation: Vertical axes, elevators, presses and tilting units

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