New axes for Camozzi’s 5E linear mechanical actuators

Eje actuador mecánico Camozzi 5E

Camozzi’ s 5E series axes are mechanical linear actuators in which the motion generated by a motor is converted to linear by a toothed belt. toothed belt.


The 5E Series, available in 3 sizes – 50, 65 and 80 cm, is designed with a special self-supporting square profile with a recirculating ball guide integrated into the actuator to provide exceptional strength and rigidity for external loads.

The profile is covered by a stainless steel plate to protect the internal elements from environmental contaminants. The shaft is equipped with a magnet that allows the use of external proximity sensors, enabling operations such as locating or reading additional strokes.

The 5E Series can be combined to create multi-axis solutions with different drive technologies to ensure maximum flexibility and adaptability. The product’s applications are perfect for packaging, assembly and automotive systems.

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