Trelleborg launches lightweight, low-friction thermoplastic composite bearing

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions launches its latest lightweight thermoplastic composite bearing, HiMod® Advanced Composite Bearing Plus

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions launches its latest lightweight thermoplastic composite bearing, the HiMod® Advanced Composite Bearing Plus, an enhanced double-layer bearing with a low-friction modified PEEK layer that reduces friction and increases wear performance for use in bearing, wear ring and bushing applications.


Manufactured with Trelleborg’ s patented Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) technology, a thin, low-friction coating is bonded to the inside diameters and can be added to the outside diameters of the bearing to create a high-quality solution for use in a wide range of industries. HiMod® Advanced Composite Bearing Plus will not seize or gall, unlike metal bearings, to reduce the likelihood of pump damage in chemical processing applications, has a low coefficient of friction and can withstand extreme temperature ranges.

These thermoplastic bearings offer high durability and strength for demanding applications. The addition of a low-friction layer within our HiMod® Advanced Composite Bearing Plus provides up to 50% less sliding friction than standard bearings to increase performance and prevent damage to hardware components.


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