Seauto presents its new corporate and product catalogs

The company is now presenting its two new catalogs: a corporate catalog and a specialized catalog for the company's own production program.

Founded in 1999, Seauto is a company dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of all types of sealing gaskets. It currently manages more than 40,000 references and represents in the Spanish market some of the most important manufacturers in hydraulics and sealing such as Trelleborg, Pavarini, Naldoni e Biondi, Gomet, Corteco, Orpav, Emmetec, Technymon, MFC and ATS among others.

Seauto’s complete range of products is oriented to different industrial sectors: chemical, automotive, pharmaceutical, oleo-hydraulic, food and beverage… They incorporate the most advanced material technologies (NBR, EPDM, FKM, FFKM, PTFE, etc.) and sealing systems for cleaning processes (CIP and SIP), which are necessary to meet the most stringent requirements and regulations.

The company is now presenting its two new catalogs: a corporate catalog and a specialized catalog for the company’s own production program.

Corporate Presentation

Sealing manufacturing and distribution is the leitmotiv of Seauto’s corporate catalog, published in 230x180mm format. Its 16 pages present general information about the company, the brands distributed, as well as the product lines in different areas. For a better understanding, they are differentiated into: sealing, sliding and components for various industrial sectors; hydraulic and electrical steering, seals and bellows for the automotive industry; and profiles manufactured in-house.

Seauto also presents in this catalog its program of theoretical and practical training courses aimed at professionals in the industrial sectors in which the company specializes, with special attention to the automotive sector. Finally, the document introduces the new online store available at, which enables fast and efficient online ordering.

In-house manufacturing program

Seauto’s catalog of profiles and materials is presented under the heading Custom gasket fabrication. Its 4 pages in DIN-A4 format detail the general characteristics of the materials and profiles that can be manufactured. Emphasis is also placed on the firm’s availability to manufacture special profiles according to the specific requirements of each customer.

As for the materials used in the manufacture of profiles, Seauto presents a guide to them, identifying them with colors and the values of the minimum and maximum application temperatures. The hardness at a temperature of 20ºC is also indicated.

The catalog also includes the various seal profiles for different applications to be supplied: rods, pistons, mining, rotary, symmetrical and scrapers. Available seals range from 4mm to 2500mm.

With these two new tools, Seauto wants to improve its main objective as a company: to offer companies from different industrial sectors the best solutions to their hydraulic and sealing needs through a wide range of products of the highest quality in the shortest possible time. In addition, Seauto offers its customers exclusive technical advice available through its personalized telephone customer service.


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