Seauto markets a new product line in the power steering segment

New marketing line focused on the power steering segment, which will feature a wide range of Emmetec brand components.

Seauto presents a new marketing line focused on the power steering segment, in which it will have a wide range of components from the Italian manufacturer Emmetec, whose products will be distributed in Spain.


Power steering vs. Conventional

Private utility vehicles, characterized by their small dimensions, were the first to use the electric steering system instead of the hydraulic one. This change has involved replacing the entire circuit and its bulky components with an electric motor that takes over its functions.

Recently, this application is also being extended to medium-sized vehicles. However, its application has not yet been extended to larger vehicles, as the power of the electric motor that manages the steering is insufficient for the time being.

The advantages of the electric steering system include more stable and reactive driving, reduced space and replacement of components that require more maintenance (hydraulic fluids, oil pump, filters, etc.) and lower vehicle energy consumption with the consequent fuel savings, which have been estimated at a quarter of a liter per 100 km.


Emmetec has been a leader in the automotive industry for more than 60 years. In addition to various types of components, this manufacturer produces and distributes tools and technical equipment that enable professional repairs to be carried out, including tools for seal assembly, gas pressurization, assembly wrenches, digital diagnostics, etc.

Emmetec manufactures and distributes components for the repair of three types of power steering systems: column, rack and pinion and pump. The first two replace the hydraulic steering and the third replaces the mechanical pump. The column-mounted (EPS-C) is suitable for various car models, such as the Fiat Punto II, Lancia Ipsilon, Alfa Romeo Mito, Opel Corsa III and Meriva, Hyundai i10 and i20, etc. The rack and pinion (EPS-R) is suitable for models such as the Volkswagen Golf V, VI and VII, the Citroën C2 and C3 and the Mercedes Benz C lase A. On the other hand, the electric steering pump (EPS-P) replaces the mechanical pump of the Mini Cooper, Seat Ibiza VI, Skoda Fabia or Volkswagen Polo, Lupo and Fox.

More options for the customer

With these new additions to its product catalog, Seauto continues to advance with the objective of offering companies from different industrial sectors the best solutions to their needs. In addition, Seauto provides support to its customers in terms of technical advice (available through an exclusive and personalized telephone service), as well as its 12/24h order delivery system.


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