Trelleborg becomes the world’s largest supplier of aircraft window seals

Trelleborg strengthens its position in the airport sector and becomes the world's largest supplier of seals for aircraft windows

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions becomes the world’s largest supplier of aircraft window seals by expanding its aerospace capabilities with the acquisition of a major plant in Seattle (Washington, USA).

The acquired facilities manufacture O-rings, gaskets and molded parts, primarily for the aerospace industry, including window seals for major OEMs.

In June, Trelleborg completed the acquisition of 4M Company Inc, a subsidiary of Rainier Rubber Company, a specialist in sealing solutions for aerospace and industrial applications. The acquired company is now called Trelleborg Sealing Solutions and is headquartered in Tukwilla, Washington, USA. The acquisition is part of Trelleborg’s strategy to strengthen its position in key industrial sectors. Previously, the plant’s annual sales were around USD 8.2 million/EUR 7.4 million.

A wide range of capabilities and expertise in aeronautical applications

Trelleborg supplies seals for numerous aerospace applications, such as flight controls, drives, landing gear, wheels, brakes, fueling, engines, interiors, safety systems and airframes, as well as terminal equipment. The facility has approximately 3,250 square meters of space and 60 employees.



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