Torlon® (PAI) custom injection molded components

At SEAUTO we can offer injection molded parts for highly stressed applications.

Gapi has been manufacturing injection molded parts for high stress applications for decades using high performance thermoplastics such as Torlon® (PAI), PEEK or PPS.

With its exceptional properties in terms of thermal and mechanical stress, Torlon® (PAI) occupies a special position.

Torlon® (PAI), the exotic among high-performance thermoplastics

Torlon® injection molded parts (PAI), such as oil seals for rotary joints, thrust washers and plain bearings, can be used in a very wide temperature range, from cryogenic ranges (below -150 °C) to temperatures in excess of 260 °C. Mechanical properties are maintained over the entire temperature range due to the extremely high glass transition temperature of more than 280 °C.

In addition, Torlon® injection molded parts (PAI) behave like metals under extreme conditions. For example, thermal expansion of the order of magnitude of steel can be achieved by modification with carbon fibers. Modifications with slip-optimizing additives further increase the already high wear resistance.

In addition, Torlon® (PAI) components can also be used as electrical insulators. Thanks to their resistance to high temperatures, even for long periods, they are ideal for use in electrical or electronic components. In addition, Torlon® PAI features inherent flame resistance and superior fatigue resistance.

New applications

Polyamide-imide injection molded parts (PAI), commercially known under the brand name Torlon®, represent an advanced solution in the field of materials engineering due to their remarkable versatility and resistance under extreme conditions. These components, which include items such as oil seals for rotary joint systems, thrust washers designed to distribute loads, and plain bearings for smooth, frictionless movement, demonstrate an extraordinarily wide temperature operating range. Its use is effective from the cryogenic ranges, which involve temperatures below -150 °C, characteristic of applications in extreme cold conditions, and extends to above 260 °C, a threshold that exceeds the environment of many high heat industrial applications.

What distinguishes Torlon® PAI and gives it this broad thermal flexibility is its high glass transition temperature, which exceeds 280 °C. This is a critical point at which a polymer changes from a glassy, rigid state to a more flexible, rubbery state. In the case of Torlon®, this threshold is so high that the mechanical properties of the material remain stable and consistent, even when subjected to drastic temperature fluctuations. This allows the parts to maintain their shape and strength over time and under various operating conditions.

Under extreme conditions, Torlon® PAI injection molded parts not only withstand high temperatures, but can also simulate the behavior of metals in terms of thermal expansion. This phenomenon is achieved through structural modification of the material, incorporating carbon fibers, which are known for their coefficient of thermal expansion comparable to that of steel. This adjustment in the composition of Torlon® allows the parts to maintain their shape and size even in the face of thermal variations that could deform other polymeric materials.

In addition, to improve the functionality of parts in applications where movement and friction are constant, special additives can be added to optimize the sliding properties of the material. This contributes to increased wear resistance, which significantly extends the service life of components made from this advanced polymer.

On the other hand, the electrical properties of Torlon® PAI components are also remarkable. Their resistance to high temperatures, maintained for long periods without degradation, makes them ideal for applications in the electrical and electronics sector, where reliability and safety are of paramount importance. This, coupled with its inherent flame resistance, makes Torlon® a safe and effective choice for a variety of challenging environments. Additionally, the material’s superior fatigue strength ensures that the components not only withstand extreme temperatures but also repeated mechanical stress without failure.

In summary, Torlon® PAI injection molded parts are a preeminent choice for applications requiring a material that can withstand severe conditions, both mechanical and thermal, with performance comparable to metals, but with the advantages of advanced polymers, such as light weight and corrosion resistance. These qualities make them ideal candidates for a multitude of industrial, aerospace, automotive and high-reliability electronics applications.


About Gapi Technische Produkte GmbH

Gapi Technische Produkte GmbH stands out as the central pillar of the Thermoplastics Division of the Gapi Group, occupying a leading market position thanks to its specialization in the development, manufacture and distribution of injection-molded polyamide-imide (Torlon® PAI) components.

At GAPI, we embark with our customers to create innovative solutions for applications that present significant technical challenges. This collaborative process extends from the early stages of conceptual design to mass production of the final product.

We offer comprehensive project management assistance, leveraging our extensive background and deep knowledge in the research, development and manufacturing of parts using state-of-the-art engineering materials.

We have state-of-the-art facilities for the manufacture of injection molds, ensuring meticulous care and maintenance to guarantee maximum efficiency and quality.

With a history of several decades as a supplier to OEMs and automotive suppliers globally, GAPI Technische Produkte GmbH prides itself on its well-established and widely recognized processes. Our production strictly adheres to industry quality standards, in compliance with IATF 16949:2016, thus ensuring the excellence and reliability of our products.


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