It is a lip seal made entirely of elastomer, which rotates in solidarity with the shaft, without the need for a specific housing with or without metal reinforcement. The lip seals against a surface perpendicular to the shaft, protecting the equipment from the entry of dust, metal particles and rejecting splashes of other contaminants.

V-rings available in NBR, FPM and CR.
The V-ring centrifuges dust and liquid splashes and expels foreign bodies from the sealing area.


  • As a deflector to prevent contamination of the rotary machine.
  • As a secondary seal to prevent contamination to conventional oil seals.
  • As a seal in bearings with or without protective labyrinth.
  • V-rings without metal reinforcement are manufactured in four different profiles (VA, VS, VL, VE), with the VA and VS profiles being the most commonly used.
  • We offer this product of our represented company TRELLEBORG FORSHEDA


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