Floating Seals

Trelleborg’s mirror seals, or floating seals , are manufactured specifically for rotating applications in extremely harsh working environments, where high resistance to wear and the ingress of mostly highly abrasive external elements is required.

There are two different types of mirror seals:

  • Type DO is the most common form using an O-ring as a secondary seal.
  • Type DF has an elastomer with a diamond-shaped cross-section as a secondary seal instead of an O-ring.

Both types consist of two identical metal rings facing each other across a lapped area and mounted in two separate housings. The metal rings are centered in their housings usually by O-rings or, otherwise, by elastomers with a diamond-shaped cross-section. One half of the metal ring remains static in the housing, while the other rotates with its own.

Heavy Dutty Seals are specifically designed for rotating applications in extremely arduous environments where they withstand severe wear and prevent ingress of harsh and abrasive external media. A mechanical face seal is also known as a heavy duty seal, mirror seal, lifetime seal, floating seal, or double cone seal.

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