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MOTOREX means you can rely on finding the right product for every lubrication need in the Swiss company’s wide range of products. Its product range includes engine oil, gearbox oil and lubricating oil for all types of machines and engines, brake fluids and greases, as well as special products for the construction industry, railroads and marine applications. With great continuity, the company relies on the quality leadership of its products and related services. Today, MOTOREX products are renowned worldwide, on a par with racing triumphs, top quality and industrial excellence.



Continued success in world-class racing is a testament to MOTOREX’s innovation and development expertise. However, to generate maximum benefit for drivers around the world, even more is needed: continuous fine-tuning and continuous improvement of our range based on what we learn on the racetracks. The results are products born and tested in racing to offer the maximum in daily use.



The MOTOREX Bicycles line offers the right product for every challenge. Cooperation and development with international cycling teams and industry-leading companies combined with practical tests using conventional mass-produced bicycles are factors that help to ensure that our product range always meets the requirements of modern cycling technology.

The new BIKE LINE is the most comprehensive range of easy-to-use, exceptionally effective, especially environmentally friendly lubricants and care products that meet a wide range of requirements for mountain bikes, racing bikes and everyday bicycles, as well as pedelecs (bikes with pedal assistance only) and electric bikes. Everything about the MOTOREX BIKE LINE products means you can look forward to your next ride on a perfectly maintained bike.



With its core competency in industrial lubrication technology, MOTOREX has been a top choice for both small businesses and global corporations for decades. Thanks to the close cooperation with machine and tool manufacturers in MOTOREX synergy projects, every MOTOREX product is full of valuable know-how. This is reflected in many highly innovative solutions, such as Vmax technology, while the “Swiss Made” label guarantees top quality at all times.

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