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Ceroil is a reputable brand in the commercialization of additives for the automotive, marine and maritime industries and machinery in general.

What are additives?
Additives for cars or other vehicles are a chemical substance added to an existing product to improve its performance. Additives help our vehicles to clean the engine and lubricate, which ensures the correct operation of the vehicle, as well as guaranteeing the condition of the catalytic converter and the operation of the combustion system. Currently, the proportion of additives used in today’s engines varies between 15% and 30%, depending on the type of engine and fuel.

Vehicle additives
ECEROIL has additives for the engine, radiator, brakes, antifreeze, coolant, consumption economizer, anti-smoke, diesel boosters, leak plugs, anti-friction… and many more that you can find in our online store.

Types of additives
Depending on the engine and the fuel consumed by our car or vehicle, we find different types of additives for it:

Diesel Additives
Engine cleaning additives, which dissolve internal engine deposits.
Fuel additives, which when mixed with the diesel of our vehicle improve its performance.
Anti-smoke additives to control and reduce smoke emission.
Antifreeze additives, which will increase the minimum temperature at which our engine can operate without freezing problems.

Gasoline additives
Additive for a two-stroke engine, reduces friction of engine parts.
Gasoline additive neutralizes gasoline acids, improving its qualities.
Cleaning additives, such as diesel additives, will help dissolve internal engine deposits.
Lead replacement additives, which will reduce wear and protect the cylinders to prevent friction.

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