Meet us at Perumin 2023

Seauto is in collaboration with its local partner presenting sealing solutions.

The Perumin 2023 mining convention is currently taking place in the city of Arequipa, where Seauto is in collaboration with its local partner, Machen Peru. The event runs from September 25 to 29.

Technology has become a fundamental element to drive projects and operations in the mining industry, both in Peru and globally. In this edition of PERUMIN 36, the Mining Convention will focus on the latest news and technological advances in mining, with the participation of suppliers of products and services.

This crucial part of the Mining Convention will host more than 1,400 stands distributed in 7 pavilions, under the theme “Investment for well-being and sustainable development”. The objective is to highlight the importance of promoting investments in the country, which generate employment and contribute to social progress.

Seauto exhibits at PERUMIN solutions from its range of sealing solutions, so necessary in the mining sector.

Sealing solutions are essential in the mining sector for several reasons:

  1. Leak and spill prevention: The mining sector handles a variety of hazardous liquids and chemicals, such as water, slurry, chemicals and toxic substances. Sealing solutions prevent leaks and spills that could cause significant environmental damage and risks to human health.
  2. Equipment protection: Equipment used in mining, such as pumps, valves and tanks, are exposed to extreme conditions, including high pressures, abrasion and corrosion. Sealing solutions help extend equipment life by preventing the entry of particles, water and other elements that could cause wear and corrosion.
  3. Operational efficiency: Fluid loss due to leaks can result in decreased operational efficiency and increased production costs. Sealing solutions ensure that mining processes run more efficiently and cost-effectively by preventing unnecessary loss of materials and energy.
  4. Regulatory compliance: The mining industry is subject to strict regulations regarding environmental management and safety. The use of sealing solutions contributes to compliance with these regulations by preventing leaks and spills that could result in legal sanctions and fines.
  5. Occupational safety: Leaks of hazardous substances can pose a serious health risk to mine workers. Sealing solutions help create a safer working environment by minimizing exposure to chemicals and other hazards.
  6. Reduced maintenance costs: Repairs and ongoing maintenance of equipment and pipelines due to leaks can be costly in terms of time and resources. Appropriate sealing solutions reduce the need for frequent and costly maintenance.

We appreciate the great reception that our team has received not only from local partners but also from the Perumin organization.


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