Trelleborg introduces low friction MTB suspension seal

Trelleborg presents its technical solutions in elastomers, high-performance plastics and composite materials


Trelleborg’s innovative technologies include a new gasket material for mountain bike (MTB) suspension systems that uses a proprietary compound that offers excellent damping with low friction, providing riders with a smooth ride.

According to its engineers, “The suspension of an MTB is critical to its performance, and the seal plays a key role in optimizing suspension travel. Our new material strikes a balance between damping the major impacts of mountain bike suspension and low friction characteristics for a smooth ride.

“We will also showcase Trelleborg’s capabilities in engineered molded parts, with customers benefiting not only from standard seals, but from the design and manufacture of sealing systems with customized profiles.”


The presentation of the new material was presented at Taipei Cycle 2023.



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