High eccentricity seals

Heavy industries, such as metallurgy, construction, forestry, mining, wind energy and pulp and paper, are a challenge for large diameter seals. Since these seals operate over a wide range of speeds, temperatures and environmental conditions, it is essential that they can reliably retain lubricants and prevent harmful contaminants from entering the system.

In general, shaft seals for shaft diameters greater than 200 mm are known as large-diameter seals.

Carcoseal large diameter seals are available in a wide range of designs and materials to meet the requirements of demanding applications:

Seals with metal housing

Rubber O.D. seals
– with metal insert
– reinforced with fabric
– made entirely of rubber

The different designs are suitable for the applications listed in the table below:

Large diameter seal applications



General machinery;
industrial gears, rolling mills, rolling mills, rolling mills in
hot rolling mills, cold rolling mills, industrial gears, industrial gears, general machinery, rolling mills, paper mills, paper mills
Special machinery: crushers, shredders, shredders, bailers, etc.

CARCOSEAL/LDS – Suitable for rotating shafts with high eccentricity – LDS is an axial seal fixed on the shaft, working the lips against the housing walls – Made entirely of rubber – Spring in stainless steel

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