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The quality of the manufactured gasket is always the result of the successful combination of the right raw material with the right gasket design. Seauto’s systems are perfectly tuned. In addition to the “standard line”, the user also has the possibility to tailor his seals exactly to the required needs of an application.

The in-house CNC department at Seauto’s headquarters manufactures a wide range of seals for machine and semi-finished goods customers, whenever the customer is unable to manufacture them himself for reasons of capacity, complexity or size.

Especially for the seals market in Spain and Seauto offers, from its Gavà site, a wide selection of hydraulic and pneumatic seals. Due to the modern production system and the large assortment, practically all types of seals are available here within hours or sometimes within minutes! Thanks to our many years of experience in this market, we also produce a wide variety of plastic parts. Cylinder repair completes the large offer in the area of hydraulics and pneumatics.



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