Vehicle interior and exterior cleaning products

SEAUTO has a specific line of automotive cleaning products, designed for the interior and exterior washing of all types of vehicles: both passenger cars and industrial vehicles, such as trucks and trains. Our products are designed for fast and professional cleaning, taking care of the materials, both bodywork and interior finishes, while respecting the environment.


Good vehicle maintenance is essential to extend the life of the vehicles and cleaning is one of the most important aspects of this maintenance.

Vehicle cleanliness is the best letter of introduction for your commercial or transport company. In addition to reducing costs associated with car maintenance, a proper car wash ensures greater safety for your drivers. For example, a clean and transparent moon avoids glare and allows a clearer view.

However, car cleaning requires specific products that are adapted to the type of dirt, to the washing surfaces and that facilitate and speed up the washing of both small and commercial vehicles.

We have a wide range of car cleaning products for professionals.

  • Specific products for all surfaces: cleaning of bodywork, interiors (fabric, leather, wood), rims, tires and engines.
  • Vehicle cleaning products: Wide variety of detergents, professional degreasers, waxes and polishes.
  • Specific cleaners for insect removal.
  • Products for car washes.
  • Vinyl cleaners for vehicle interiors.
  • Upholstery cleaning products.
  • Automotive chemicals, such as active foam for truck washing or acidic products.
  • We have a professional range for large interior surfaces (trains, buses or trailers) that ensure cleaning and disinfection.
  • Air fresheners and odor eliminators designed for closed and crowded interiors.
  • We have HA products for food road transport companies.

We also have an industrial range designed for the cleaning of maintenance workshops: We have products for hand hygiene and protection, specialized degreasers, as well as dispensers, cellulose or detergents.

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